Monday, November 25, 2013

Quick Thinking Lands Carjacker In Police Custody

No sooner do we do another article on car theft and carjackings when another story is in the news. Just breaking this morning as an article out of North Hollywood, California. A carjacker forced a man into his own car, allegedly by gunpoint, and had him drive, turning the initial carjacking into a kidnapping in the process.

However, the quick-thinking victim managed to drive to a local police station and alert the police, who were able to apprehend the suspect and arrest him for kidnapping and carjacking. (For the whole story, and the video, see more below.)

Just last week, Guy Algar wrote an article on this blog entitled, "They Shoot Car Thieves Don't They?". It was a piece designed to get people to think of solutions to this increasing problem. A television program over the weekend documented the issue of cars and even 18 wheelers being stolen, driven over the Mexican border and delivered to car theft rings who then sell the stolen vehicles.

Fancy imports reportedly are in big demand from mid-East countries. These stolen vehicles are smuggled out of Mexico via containers, slipped on large cargo ships and delivered to pre-arranged buyers.  The 18-wheelers are quickly becoming a favorite purchase by drug cartels who use the large transport trucks to deliver drugs and contraband back across the U.S. border.

Clearly, we have a big problem on our hands. Classic car and muscle car owners are worried. It's becoming more and more difficult to enjoy classic car ownership without driving yourself crazy with anxiety. Where to park when you do go out, how to avoid a carjacking, and even how to protect your classic car while it's parked at home are now a daily concern to many owners. These are no longer just a minor worry.

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Andrea L. Algar is co-owner of a classic car performance and restoration design shop in Leesville, Texas. Motorheads Performance specializes in repairs, maintenance, performance upgrades and restorative work on cars and trucks from the 1920’s through 1970’s. Her husband Guy L. Algar is a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years experience. He holds 5 ASE Certifications from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence and has been working on old cars and trucks for over 37 years. Together they share their passion for old cars and trucks with other enthusiasts from around the country.

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