Thursday, March 1, 2012

Motorheads Performance's Commitment to Customer Service

by Guy L. Algar
Motorheads Performance

Motorheads Performance proudly displays our policies.
Since 2006, our classic car customers have received a "Welcome Kit" which outlines not only all of our policies, but what we need and expect from our customers, AND most importantly, what you (our customer) can expect from us. We're so confident of our good policies and outstanding customer service that we're willing to put it in writing, and we stand behind it.

Years ago, we even created a logo to display the commitment Andrea and I have towards customer service. We proudly display this pledge:

We're in a rural area - it gives us uninterrupted time to spend on your project.
Visits are By Appointment Only - we don't encourage passer-bys.
We value the safety our location provides us and our customers!
Our shop is professional, with the tools and equipment for us to do the job right
     Three auto bays and a machining area in our main shop building
     Two other buildings we utilize for parts, storage and work areas.
We have the training and expertise to do the job
     Guy Algar holds 5 ASE Certifications
     Guy Algar has over 35 years of experience working on classic cars & trucks
     Guy Algar is a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years experience
We have the ethics to do the job right the first time.
We have the desire to do the best job possible for you.

We don't rip you off, or price gouge. You receive an estimate to start, and are updated every step of the way with phone calls and/or e-mail, along with photos of work being done. You are invoiced in detail, shown in blocks of the time spent at each work segment, as taken directly from computerized time cards we enter directly after work is performed at least twice daily or before we switch to another project. We also list items which were at no charge so our customers have an understanding of everything that was done on their vehicle.

Our parts purchasing policy is unique. We do not upcharge. If we receive a discount because of our affiliations, we pass that savings on directly to you. Find out more about our parts purchasing policies on our website. The bottom line is we try to save you money wherever we can!

Customers who have interacted with Motorheads Performance like the personal attention they receive. You'll talk directly with with me, Guy Algar. The one who will be doing the planning and the work on your vehicle. We deliver quality services at fair prices. Schedule a visit to Motorheads Performance and see how different we are! And, if you have any questions or concerns, ask us! We'd love the opportunity to discuss them with you.