Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Increase In Classic Car and Muscle Car Thefts Have Owners Concerned

New Series Launches On Theft Prevention & Protection

by Andrea L. Algar
Motorheads Performance

With classic car and muscle car thefts on the rise, owners are rightly becoming very concerned. It seems that every few days we're getting news of a theft.

New Series:
Keeping Our Rides Safe

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you've read several stories recently on stolen cars that are either classic cars, muscle cars, vintage trucks, antique cars, and even pro street race cars! We had reported on a ProStreet Camaro stolen at a hotel near the car show the owner was attending for the weekend, and a fully restored 1954 GMC Pickup truck stolen right out of the owner's driveway. We also reported on a local car jacking. And, just as I was putting the final touches on the first article for this series, new a stolen car alert came out of Fort Worth where a 1937 Buick went missing from a gated townhouse community, and news of Dr. Phil's '55 Chevy Belair convertible being stolen from the Burbank auto shop he had taken it to for repairs! Owners have good reason to be concerned.

Guy Algar and I, through Classic Car News, are launching a new series called "Keeping Our Rides Safe". Each week we'll look at a different aspect of keeping our classic cars out of the hands of would-be thieves. We'll begin with the basics of theft prevention, theft protection, insurance, self-deterrent steps, safety outside the home, alarms, locks, anti-theft devices, tracking and recovery systems and more. We will take a close look at each in detail, as well as reporting on new products and systems that can help, interviews with law enforcement, reader stories and more.

All this is designed with the classic car or muscle car owner in mind, as our needs are a quite different than the average modern car driver.

Andrea L. Algar is co-owner of a classic car performance and restoration design shop in Leesville, Texas. Motorheads Performance specializes in repairs, maintenance, performance upgrades and restorative work on cars and trucks from the 1920’s through 1970’s. Her husband Guy L. Algar is a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years experience. He holds 5 ASE Certifications from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence and has been working on old cars and trucks for over 37 years. Together they share their passion for old cars and trucks with other enthusiasts from around the country.
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