Friday, September 21, 2012

Camaro Celebrates 3 Million Facebook Fans

by Andrea L. Algar
Motorheads Performance

Yes, it's no surprise that Camaro's popularity is still running strong after 45 years. It's always been such a popular muscle car, and when Camaro's Facebook page reached 3 million fans, they decided to celebrate with a video recapping the history.

The timing of the release is, once again, ironic. Just as I wrapped up writing of my article on the Z28 Camaro which will run next week, I get this video in my inbox this morning at 5am! I thought it would be a nice companion piece, and perhaps wet your appetite for the Z28! (Shameless I know.)

Camaro's YouTube video:

There is no doubt at all that the Chevy Camaro has made an impact our lives. Most of us have either known someone with a Camaro, have owned one ourselves, or have always wanted one! Even die-hard Mopar and Ford fans probably grudgingly admire Camaro for the cars they've produced over the years. For most, there's at least one model in the lineup which we've admired and lusted after. The Camaro is a staple at car shows, races, car clubs and to those who simply enjoy the pleasures of owning and driving one.

It's a piece of American history that miraculously survived the ages, actually making a comeback after having had production stopped in  2002, only to be resurrected in 2010 with such fanfare that I'm sure General Motors was wondering why they succumbed to the pressures eight years before.

Camaro Timeline:
1st Generation - 1967 to 1970
2nd Generation - 1970-1/2 to 1981
3rd Generation - 1982 to 1992
4th Generation - 1993 to 2002
5th Generation - 2010 to Present

It appears that Chevrolet is aware of the tremendous support and loyalty they've earned from fans over the years. Reaching the milestone of 3 million fans on Facebook, they've put together a nice little video entitled, "Camaro's Greatest Hits," featuring not only significant Camaro events, but events in the lives of some of their fans.

I personally would have preferred the video to be a little longer, and to include a few more fan stories. I'm sure there are countless others that would be equally, if not more, entertaining and interesting. I can think of many great Camaro's that friends have had over the years, and their stories with their cars. I like a lot of cars. Some are Ford, most are Mopar or Chevy.  Lots of different makes and models stand out for me. Of the Camaros, I personally like the 1st and 2nd generation best, and I'm a big fan of the 5th generation as well. And yes, like so many other fans, my all-time favorite "old-time" Camaro is the 1969. I'm really hoping the 6th does what a lot of us want. Time will tell. In the meantime, doing stories like this make me smile!

Watch it yourself and see tell me what you think.

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