Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Classic Cars Stolen During Famous Monterey Week

More news that makes enjoying going to a good car show difficult as we get news of a stolen classic car. And, to make matters even worse, not just one car, but a total of four cars went missing during Monterey Week in California the weekend of August 17th. reported, "According to Hemmings, an extremely rare '61 Impala SS 409, a '61 Impala resto-mod and a one-owner, unrestored '57 Bel Air all went missing after failing to sell at various auctions. The article states that the Impala SS 409 – worth an estimated $220,000 – disappeared from the Russo and Steele auction, while the other two cars vanished from the Mecum auction. In addition to these thefts, Jalopnik is reporting that a customized 1962 Corvette was also stolen around the same time only instead of being stolen from an auction, this classic 'Vette was snatched up as the owner was enjoying dinner. Hemmings points out that the cars were most likely targeted to be stripped for parts, but check out both reports and keep an eye out for these beautiful rides."

We are disheartened by the continuing rash of thefts. It is terrible news to learn that a beautiful classic car met its end in a chop shop where it had been taken apart and sold off in pieces for a fraction of the money it took to have it restored.