Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is Illegal Street Racing Worth the Risk or the Penalty?


Guy and I both love drag racing, and get out to the San Antonio Raceway, Royal Purple Raceway and the Houston Motor Sports Park as often as possible. As much as street racing can be downright enticing, it is often considered far better to get your grudge on at the drag strip where it can be done safely and legally!

After reading the article below, it certainly gets you to wonder, "Is it really worth the decision to race someone in a grudge match on the street?" Here's the consequences you could face if caught street racing in Texas:

Drivers - Class B Misdemeanor: $2000 fine, 180 days in jail or both, automatic suspension of license for up to one year (and 10 hours community service before reinstated)

Repeat Offenders - up to 2nd Degree Felony - Up to $10,000 fine, jail time 2-20 years, suspension of license. If two convictions, next offense could be life! Caught street racing while drunk is even more severe with first offense upgraded to 2nd degree felony regardless of blood alcohol level if open containers are found in the vehicle.

Other Cautions - Passengers can receive punishments just as severe. Spectators (anyone caught watching) can be fined up to $500 and have their vehicles towed. If anyone is accidentally killed, they can face manslaughter and/or felony charges.

So, Motorheads Performance asks you: Is it worth it? Cast your vote...

___ yes, I'd still chance it
___ no, I wouldn't risk it

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