Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Forever Stamps Pay Tribute To The Hot Rods We Love


Hot rod enthusiasts have something to celebrate! The U.S. Postal Service has just unveiled a new series of stamps called "Hot Rods Forever Stamps", with two stamps depicting hot rods that are instantly recognizable to all. Often referred to as the "Deuce", the stamps showcase the classic hot rod with a black 1932 Ford Roadster with orange flames as well as a red 1932 Ford.

According to a USPS press release, the stamps are available in booklets containing 20 stamps that can be used at anytime, even if postal rates increase in the future. The NSRA (National Street Rod Association) was on hand at a dedication ceremony to launch the newly released stamps. With the Street Rod Nationals in York, Pennsylvania as the location for the big reveal, it showed that some thought went into the creation and launch of the new stamp.

Whether you are into restoring, collecting, cruising, racing or just enjoy looking at them at a show or on the street, you'll probably agree that the tribute is long overdue.

Postmaster General, Patrick Donahoe, released a statement which said, "These hot rod stamps mark the beginning of America's fascination with customizing fast cars. And they're just as popular today as they were decades ago." I'd say that hot rods are probably even more popular today than decades ago. The resurgence of interest that was sparked a decade ago has grown faster and stronger than anyone would have imagined, and even through the economic slowdown, most enthusiasts have not given up on their dreams of owning and enjoying these great cars and trucks.

Motorheads Performance doesn't need any urging to begin using the stamps. We love the fact that hot rods have received some great attention that brings awareness and interest to a new generation of people who can get involved in classic cars, muscle cars, vintage trucks and other vehicles from our past that we continue to cherish and enjoy. We encourage all our followers to stock up!

What do you think of the new stamps?
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