Thursday, August 2, 2012

You Could Own One of Carroll Shelby's Own Cars!

by Andrea L. Algar
Motorheads Performance

I just got the announcement of something BIG! For those of you who keep up-to-date in the world of cars, you probably already know of Carroll Shelby's passing in May. His name is one of the most recognized names in performance. I had actually started writing a tribute to him, which I planned on publishing in Classic Car News in the next week or two. When received my announcement of this, I had to put everything else on hold and get the word out!

Shelby GT500 KR once owned by Carroll Shelby
Photo courtesy of
Carroll Shelby's death was especially tragic because he is an automotive legend and hero. He was personally responsible for giving us the Shelby Cobra, the Dodge Viper, and for putting the Ford Mustang on steroids! He had a long list of other incredible achievements following his early years as a Texas chicken farmer. More about his great achievements in my upcoming article. The opportunity to purchase a car actually owned by him is exciting for anyone to think about.

We just received news that in October, Vicari Biloxi Auction will be auctioning a 2009 Shelby GT500 KR which was bought by Carroll Shelby and delivered to his Texas ranch for his own personal use!  There aren't many more facts about the car just yet, but Vicari Biloxi will undoubtedly be releasing all the details because this car is sure to draw a crowd. It's rumored that the car has just under 1,600 miles, and is being offered with full documentation not only with certificate of authenticity, title and bill of sale, but with his signature above the glove box as well.

Only 712 vehicles were built in this configuration in 2009, making it rare even if it wasn't once owned by Carroll Shelby. The Vicari Biloxi Auction is scheduled for October 12 -13 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Happy auctioneering even if we can only drool over this one!

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